Get to know the High Maintenance Skincare professional estheticians. Owner Naomi Lewis has over 20 years of botanical medicine experience. 


Chief Esthetic Officer

Daughter of a master gardener, Naomi’s lessons in botanicals began at a young age in her father’s West Seattle garden. When everyone else was plugged into time-saving, Peter Lewis was rooted in time-honored. Peter wasn’t reverting, he was pulling the old world forward and innovating for a modern world, the world of his children and grandchildren.

Naomi honed her interest in nature, beauty, and culture with a raw balance of earnest study and free-minded creativity. She has studied, apprenticed and practiced in the arts of aesthetics, midwifery, and botanical medicine for more than 20 years. Naomi Lewis, a true, born Seattleite, travels the world and brings the best back to the west, her every High Maintenance treatment an original herbal innovation of science and intuition, and always personalized, always ultra luxe.



Lead Esthetician

Mericke’s young life amid the cornfields of the rural midwest grew her strong, kind, and helpful with a deep respect for nature. Washington State became her home in 1987, connecting her to its spectacular contrast of mountains and sea, and encouraging her inclinations toward nature and balance. 

Mericke obtained her training from The Euro Institute of Skincare, and feeds her curiosity for excellence by taking classes offered by Yon-Ka, and lectures by the Northwest Aesthetician’s Guild. She puts her knowledge of homeopathy and flower remedies to use in everyday ways that bolster her family’s health and well- being. Mericke has been building solid relationships at High Maintenance since 2005, whilst growing her family of two young children with her husband Greg, in a grounded way that makes her mother proud.




Christina is another rare gem in the born-and-raised-in-Seattle trove. Her American mother was at a complete loss for advice on managing the body hair situation her daughters inherited from their Greek father, so Christina took to the kitchen to take matters into her own hands. Once she’d trumped them all on smoothness, her friends got in line for her waxing services, and it wasn’t long before her siblings were begging the question, if you can do that, can you help me get my adolescent skin in hand? She could, of course. She graduated from the Gary Manuel Aveda Institute in 2009, and she can help you, too, darlings.

When she’s not handing you a sleeker, more clarified version of yourself she’s putting her hand to the home arts, painting, sewing, crafting and cooking up her world beautiful and delicious.